The value of a spare key

The value of a spare Car Key Lets face it, no one really has a value for a spare car key, specially when it usually sits in a drawer or on another key ring, doing nothing until the unexpected happens. We don’t want to and often can’t justify spending the $100-250 on a key for that “just in case” moment. There’s nothing great about a new car key, it doesn’t do anything great except start the car, but just consider this scenario:

You’re out having fun, one night with your family and you’re about to head home and you’ve lost your car keys, they’ve dropped somewhere. As it’s now outside business hours, it’s after hours pricing and you need to get the family home.

The local locksmith in Perth you call can’t get there straight away, so there’s the waiting around outside the car, the price goes from a spare key price to, making a key off the car price and then after hours pricing on top of it all. The value of getting that spare car key is now higher and there’s often the wishing you had done it because $100-250 6 months ago is better than $300-500 now, we’ve all been in similar situations. If you had a spare car key, there’s the potential that someone can get the key to you or your partner could have it on their key ring, saving a lot of time and money. We get told all the time of situations that our customers have been in, here’s one of them…

Tim took his two little children to the park one evening to run about and get some fresh air before dinner. Tim decided to drive down, so they could have a longer time at the park and be back in time for dinner. Being so busy with the children, on the swings, slides and running races, Tim didn’t notice the car keys drop from out of his pocket. As it was starting to turn dark and knowing dinner would be ready, Tim instructed the children to head to the car, so they could head home. On the walk to the car, he felt around his pockets and to his horror realised that he didn’t have his car keys. Panic set in and he started frantically checking every pocket, asking the children if they’d seen them or if they had them.

Tim approaches the car, all the doors are locked and he peers inside to check the car keys aren’t on the floor or still in the ignition. Nope, no luck at all. Tim and the children started to head back in the direction they came, to see if they could spot any car keys or glimmers of something shiny in hope they would appear. A quick search through the sand and on the play equipment proves Tim is out of luck.

As it quickly grows darker and darker, Tim calls his wife to let her know what’s happened. They’d both been talking about getting a spare car key, done by a local Locksmith in Perth, but with a few big bills coming up and the demands of work there never seemed to be any time or money to spare. A quick Google search on his phone to an automotive locksmith in Perth proves this isn’t going to be an easy situation. The locksmith can’t get to him right away as he’s stuck on a job, another locksmith is able to come now, but by now it’s after-hours pricing. He calls his wife to deliver the news and they both agree to just get it done now. Tim’s wife comes down to get the children, so they’re not waiting in the cold and Tim waits for the Locksmith. He makes the key, programs it to the car as quick as he can. Tim decides to go the non-remote option to save a bit of money and gets two keys done at the same time, again, saving him a few dollars.

It costs Tim a third of the price more, but he’s got it done now and doesn’t have to get the car towed anywhere or leave it at the park overnight. This is just one of the stories, that we hear of, quite regularly. We often have the thought of it not happening to us, because it hasn’t happened so far, why would it now? The inconvenience to Tim, his wife, the children, the extra money it costs, to now have to get two keys and worst of all after hours, when the price goes up is something no one ever wants or expects to happen, but unfortunately, it does. Let’s face it, spare car keys aren’t cheap, they aren’t an exciting item that we go out to get, but often they do save a lot of time, money and inconvenience in the long run. Ask us about our remote and non-remote spare car key options today! Send us the Make, Model and year
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